Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger ♥

· 400 grams of chickpea

· 60 gr breadcrumbs

· 2 tbsp of tahini

· 2 tbsp of chia seeds (soaked in water before)

· Spices (garlic powder, salt, pepper, dill)

· 1 large fresh onion

· Pita bread

· Rucola

· 1 carrot

· Cucumber

· 1 half lemon

· Humus

For the sauce:

· 1 soy yogurt

· 1 little cucumber

· Corn

· Spices

Rinse the chickpeas

Mix the chickpeas with breadcrumbs, tahini, chia seeds and spices. Add 3 tbsp water

Put the preparation in a bowl and add the spring onions (cut before), add the half lemon

Create burger and let them in the fridge 1 or 2 hours

For the sauce, in a bowl pour yoghurt, cucumber, corn and spices

Cook the burgers about 5 minutes on each side

Toast a pita and spread the hummus, add carrots and spring onion, cut the burger in half and add it . Add the sauce and a little bit of rucola.




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