Apple Pie

Today we’re back with another recipe !

The classic apple pie, made in our way ♥




For the dough:

 · 100 gr of vegan butter · 200 gr of flour

 · 2 tbsp of sugar · 1 pinch of salt  · a few drops of water if needed


For garnish :

 · 3 tbsp of applesauce · 1 tbsp of maple syrup

· 2 tbsp of vanilla sugar  · 6 apples approximately

· 2 tbsp ground hazelnuts · 1 tsp of cinnamon · 1 tbsp of sugar  · 1 lime




In a bowl mix flour, sugar, salt and vegan butter.

Add a little water if necessary.



When it’s homogeneous roll out the dough about 2 mm thick

and place in a pie pan (spread vegan butter for it not to stick),

prick with a fork and bake for 5 minutes.



While the dough is baking peel and cut

apples in thin strips.

Put everything in a bowl and add the sugar, the vanilla sugar

maple syrup, ground hazelnuts, cinnamon & lime.


Spread the applesauce on the pie and add the apples

in a circle (see photo), cook about 20-30 min.


And here is the result ♥



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