Witch Fingers


Here is the last recipe of the Halloween recipe, witch fingers !

Perfect for Halloween and super delicious ♥


· 1 ¼ cup of flour · ½ cup of icing sugar

· ¾ cup of vegan butter · ½ & 1 tbsp of cornstarch

· flaked almonds · strawberry jam

· 1 tbsp of ground hazelnuts


Mix the vgan butter and icing sugar.


Add flour, cornstarch, hazelnuts

ground and work until you have a smooth dough.


Form fingers fine enough as it swells during

baking & add almonds for nails you can

also make small strokes to be

more realistic.

Bake 10 min (approximately) at 350 F


Add jam to make it look like blood 🙂



The video :


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