Spinach Pie

Hi, today we are happy to share our spinach pie


· 500 grams of spinach · 2 tbsp of vegan butter · 2 tbsp flour

· Black bean garlic paste (or garlic powder)

· Salt · 400 ml of soymilk · puff pastry

· 1 tbsp of hummus



Cook the spinach 5/10 minutes in a little bit of water


Melt the vegan butter in another pan

and add the flour


Cook for about 5 minutes & add the bean paste
or garlic powder and salt


Add the milk little by little and let it thicken

put 1 tbsp of hummus (optional) and mix with the spinach


Cook the dough alone in a pie pan

for 5 minutes

Add the mixture to the dough and bake for
20-25 minutes at 180 ° (350 F)


And here’s the result :


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