Onion Pie


A pie that we’ve loved & that we wanted to share with you 馃檪


路 8 medium onions 路 2 tbsp of vegan butter

路 2 tbsp flour 路 400 ml of soymilk

路 salt 路 pepper 路 garlic powder 路 puff pastry


Cut the onions into strips

Cook the onions 5-7 minutes with a little water

For the bechamel, melt the vegan butter and then add the flour

and cook 5 minutes

Add the milk little by little and stir with a whisk

When the bechamel is ready, mix them with the onions

Add the vegan butter for it not to stick聽 and put the dough in

cook for 5 minutes (prick with a fork before)

Remove from the oven, add the mixture

and cook for 20 minutes at 180 掳


And here’s the result :



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