Mushroom gnocchi

Mushroom gnocchi

· 5 cloves of garlic

· 150 grams of mushrooms

· 300 grams of mangold

· 1 tablespoon of vegetable broth

· 1 glass of coral lens

· 500 grams of vegan gnocchi

· Olives

· Tomato sauce (400 ml)


For the tzatziki:

· 1 cucumber

· Garlic powder, salt, dill

· 1 tablespoons of olive oil

· 500 grams of soy yogurt


In boiling water (with vegetable broth) cook coral lentils

Cut the mushrooms, mangold and cloves of garlic. Cook in a pan for 5-7 minutes.

Add the gnocchi and olives and cook for 10 more minutes then add the tomato sauce.


For the tzatziki:

Cut the cucumber into small cubes

In a large bowl add the cucumber and season with garlic powder, salt and dill.

Add olive oil and soy yogurt.



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